Are you going my way?

“Kiss me, then kiss me again! Come take full advantage, of this human shell, my heart is living in. And love me, ooohwee.

If time doesn't rob me, I'll master your body,

We'll be closer than Siamese twins. And like the air you breathe I'll supply your needs,

and so our story begins 😉. I'll put the bolt lock on the door, and gently lay in the house on the floor. And patiently baby I'll undo your clothes. We'll share our hearts, bodies, and souls.” -The Whispers

Don’t judge me, I’m bit of a old soul. My mama use to play The Whispers when I was growing up. Today I had her on my mind so I thought I’d play her jams on my way home. Are you going my way came on and when they said, “if time doesn’t rob me, I’ll master your body” I felt that. Like really felt that.

In my line of work I meet so many people. Mostly men in sexless marriages, and women that have suppressed their sexual side completely. I think one of the root causes of this on both sides is the fact that we don’t take the time to be present and learn our partners bodies. More importantly, we don’t take the time to learn our own bodies so we can communicate what it is we need to our partners. For years I was fucking (penetration) and getting my pussy ate. That was really the only way I knew how to enjoy pleasure. No one ever taught me anything different. Porn basically taught me how to fuck, and lord knows there is no sensuality in that. It would usually go like, suck the dick, he sucks my pussy, I get wet, he sticks it in, we fuck, he nuts, we’re done.

Left me unfulfilled for years. When I started getting massages I knew there was something about it. I would always critique the masseuse. If only they went a little deeper there, or a little slower here. Just touch the inner lips of my ass crack for God‘s sake! My body started waking up and intuitively telling me what felt good to me. I would then be led to Lucy, she works at Paradise Massage on Highway K in Ofallon, Mo. (I saw her today, it was fabulous! 😁) She does her massages clothed, but she gives my body exactly what it craves. When I first started seeing her, I would leave with a wet pussy every time! She doesn’t touch my pussy or breast, but she gets damn close. My body craves, and needs slow, intentional touch. And believe it or not, MANY women and men desire to be touched in this way but they have no idea how or what to communicate to a partner. The type of touch my body likes requires my partner (or masseuse) to be fully present. You can’t half ass this type of touch. And this would also be the touch I give to my clients. Its a energy thing. Your energy speaks to me, and I speak back.

After years of unintentional, monotonous sex your partner becomes fed up, they stop fucking you altogether because you’re not giving them what they need, and they don‘t know how to communicate what it is they need. Now we‘re in a sexless marriage.

I touch my clients the way I liked to be touched. I’m always asked, Nikki, what should I expect? I’m left without words because what I do is so hard to explain. I tell folk I’m the middle woman between them and Spirit, God, Allah, Buddah, (whoever you pray to). They work through me to bring healing unto your body and awaken the dormant sexual energy. It’s Art for me, and Art only works when it’s someone’s truth. Tantra is my truth, and the only thing that leaves me longing for more. I invite you to experience it. If this sounds like you, if you‘re missing something in your sex life but truly don’t have a clue what it is, or where to start.

So, Are you going my way? Where dreams come true every day. Where true love is just a touch a way? I bet I can master your body and supply all your needs, and so the story begins 😉.

PS. It’s my year LocVersary. 😆 I’ve been growing my locs an entire year and I absolutely love them, some say they’re sexy even. 🥰😘 xoxoxo! See you soon ❤️

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