First two full months of Tantra!

Hey Peeps! I'm ending my full second month of Tantric Massage at the South Side Studio, and I'd like to reflect for a second!

These last two months have been nothing short of amazing. The amount of support I've received is astonishing. I'm so grateful to every one of my existing clients and new clients for showing up and out.

I have never felt so at home within my body. My innate ability to intuitively guide my sessions based on the reactions of my client's bodies is impressive. Conscious erotic touch is the gateway to releasing all negativity, pent up emotions, trauma, guilt, and shame regarding sexuality. It's been a pleasure to touch YOU! I get so much enjoyment out of making your body feel good, and it does my body well.

I want my gentlemen to remember that these sessions are not orgasm driven. Happy endings are great, don't get me wrong, but that isn't the driving force in tantra. If a happy ending is what you desire, I'd suggest you go to an Asian massage parlor and leave me out of it. Tantra is all about bringing that awareness back into the body while focusing on your breath. Releasing all thoughts and becoming mindful and present in the current moment. When we focus on orgasm, we are mostly living for the future, which brings on anxiety and other unwanted feelings and emotions.

How many of you rush to orgasm, and forget about your partner's pleasure? How many of you have erectile dysfunction and would like a cure? How many of you watch porn 80% of your masturbation sessions?

Well, tantra is for YOU, but you must trust the process. You cannot get distracted by Nikki's sexy body, or any other thoughts and fantasies lingering in your mind. It would be best if you focused on your breath and my sensual erotic touch. If orgasm happens, GREAT! I won't deny you of it, but understand that it is not the driving force of my practice.

Ladies! I'm so excited that you are feeling safe and vulnerable enough to share space with me, especially my sistas! I know that sharing space with a woman you don't know can be quite daunting and scary. I commend you and your courage to take this massive step in your sexuality journey. It isn't easy to let go of all the things that we know, all the things that we hold tight, and became comfortable with, but listen, the time is now. Some of your bodies are free, wild, and loose. Others are lifeless, stagnant, and tight. I want to remind you that tantra is only the beginning. Incorporating sex coaching and other forms of tantra, like trance, will propel you forward in your journey. I am here to be an intuitive guide throughout this process.

I don't claim to be a healer, but I can give you the tools and techniques to heal yourself. Your sexuality is a huge part of your existence. We are sexual-spiritual beings all at the same damn time, and to deny yourself the right to be free and open when it comes to your sexuality, is to deny yourself of who you are. I am so excited to continue working with each of you. For those of you that haven't yet tried tantric massage and are on the fence, you will not regret it! You have a few more days to take advantage of the new customer promotion, with code NEWCUST. Stay tuned for promotions, and other fun goodies and giveaways I have in store.

We are only getting started! Let's go.

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