Happy New Year! Resolutions?

Omg! Can you believe it's 2022?! I'm excited to be alive another year to conquer and crush all of my goals, and to be of service to all of my wonderful and beautiful clients. I wish nothing but abundance, prosperity, and good health to each and every one of you!

I don't necessarily have any resolutions, as I do believe my life is just one big continuous party. lol, I'm just having fun. However, I do have a couple of goals I wish to accomplish this year. Many of my goals are in business, but one of my main goals is to be as true to myself and my desires as I possibly can. There is one main thing that I haven't been as honest about, and this year I plan to be unapologetic and honest about it as much as possible. I'm sure you're wondering what that thing is. It's my inability to be monogamous.

So many people ask me about the dynamic between myself and my husband and I have always described it as complicated. Are we open? Do we practice ethical non-monogamy? Are we cheaters? For a long time, I didn't have the answer to this question so saying it's complicated was the easiest thing. When my husband and I met I was 24 years young, being monogamous, and loving him only was the only thing on my mind. I desired marriage, and the traditional family unit I grew up seeing from those around me. He desired the same, so we pushed forward with the agreement that we would be our only partners. The freak in me (and him, lol) still wanted threesomes and a bit of girl-on-girl action but it was always agreed upon and we always participated in those acts together. About three years into the relationship, and about

three months after we said "I do," I had my first sexual encounter with an individual behind my husband's back. I was on a girl's trip in the Cayman Islands, and some tall ass big dick Jamaican man woo'd me out of my panties. I felt TERRIBLE about it, and as soon as I got home I told him everything. He was crushed, and it crushed me to see him so hurt. He got back at me by going and sleeping with a couple of past partners and this would be the beginning of our "complicated" situation.

After experiencing some new dick after 3 years, I was addicted, to be honest. I wanted to find my next partner asap, even after I saw how hurt my husband was. I even started to resent him a bit because I felt like he was standing in my way of exploring my sexual options with other human beings. Although my husband was hurt by my actions, he chose to stay and didn't want to leave me. So here I am at a crossroads, I wanted to explore but didn't want to hurt my husband. So what do I do? I explored behind his back. I would later find out that he was also exploring behind my back. I wasn't the only one craving some NEW NEW.

Here come the uncomfortable conversations, the honesty moments, the real deal communication. We've told one another a lot, I can't say everything because I'm sure we've both held things back to protect one another's feelings. But we've shared some pretty uncomfortable things with one another regarding new partners. After hearing the information we both have always chosen to stay. So this morning, the first day of the new year, my husband says, " I want us to work on US this year." My response, "I'm cool with that, but in order to fully work on us, I need you to fully accept who I am. I am an ethical SLUT, I love to fuck, I love to fuck new people, and I love to cultivate relationships with new people. That's me. Love it or leave it." I told him that I'm done with the lies, I'm done sneaking like I'm a kid at my mama's house. I'm a grown woman, and this year I have to be true to myself and my desires.

He agreed, and I want the same for him. We

agreed that WE are our foundation, the family unit that we've built for ourselves, and our daughter will remain as long as communication and honesty are at the core. I do believe in my heart he and I can conquer whatever sexual/relationship goals we have. It's not just about sex for me, but my FREEDOM. The freedom to do me and be me without any restrictions. I am not a pet, and I do not care to have an owner. I'm an individual with my own individual needs wants and desires, and I need the space to evolve and grow without limitations. I believe that is the only way I will totally come in tune with my highest self.

I can't tell yawll how much I appreciate the Universe for sending me such a loving, caring, understanding partner. I never thought in a million years we could achieve the type of honest, open, and raw communication we have. And my message to you is in order to be true to who you are you have to be honest with yourself and those around you. If not, every day of your life you will be doing yourself a disservice by living a complete lie. I encourage you to love yourself so much, you don't give a fuck who you lose in the process of becoming your true authentic self. Love yourself so much that you are honest about who you REALLY are.

When my clients come to me talking about sex-less marriage, or divorce it simply comes down to the lack of communication. Someone in the unit cannot be honest about their true needs, for fear of hurting their partner. When in reality, not being true to yourself is only hurting YOU. I encourage you, this year, to put yourself FIRST. When you put yourself first, anything you want, desire, and need in this life will fall in your lap, effortlessly.

My husband has even agreed to watch me fuck another man, talk about COMING A LONG WAY. LOL. That use to be completely taboo to talk about. Now he's not only considering it, he's agreeing to it. I have literally manifested my dream partner, *big smile* - remember, you can have WHATEVER you want in this lifetime, all you gotta do is ask for it.

I can now confidently say I am in an ethical non-monogamous relationship. (Always work to be done)

Happy New Year Freaks, Cheers to being Unapologetic as fuck.

What sex-related goals do you have in the new year? Put them in the comments!

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