Hedonism II Jamaica Overview

So after mentioning I went to Hedo II in Jamaica, I received many questions about my trip and what one could expect. So I've decided to do a more thorough overview of my visit to give you a better idea of what you could experience at Hedo!!

What is Hedonism II? It's a clothing-optional, lifestyle resort located in Negril, Jamaica. Couples or singles that are into swinging, polyamory, open relationships, nudity, ext. tend to frequent. You have a couple of options to attend. You can book your stay just as you would at a regular resort, and stay as many nights as you would like. Or, if you are with family and friends that don't want to stay there nightly, you can stay elsewhere and go on a day pass. Day passes allow you in from 10:30 am until 6 pm, you have access to all the same amenities, all-inclusive food, and drinks as well as access to the playrooms.

This of course was a family trip for me so I was able to go on a day pass, and my overview will be from that perspective. We got there early around 9:30 am, we didn't know that the day passes started at 10:30, so they let us in around 10 am. When you check-in you need a negative covid test within 3 days of arrival (I was able to get one done on my resort), as well as a driver's license and credit card. Day passes are $75 for single women, $200 for single men, and $150 per couple. After taking your payment and processing your information they will have you sign in for the day, and give you a quick tour of the property. You will walk through the dining room to get to everything else where you will see everyone fully clothed. In the dining area clothes must be worn at all times (this is stupid to me! if you're going to make it a clothing optional resort, allow that all over the property!) You then see the clothing-optional pools, there were about 4 different pools on the property. If you walk further down, you reach the beach area, there is a nude side and a prude side. On the prude beachside, it's clothing optional, but on the nude side, clothes must be off (my type of party!). The nude side also consists of a tiki bar, swimming pools, jacuzzis, and playrooms. Playrooms are rooms you can go in to get a little frisky if you wish.

Phones are not allowed on the nude side, if you bring them over they put stickers on the back cameras to make sure you aren't taking any pictures. My cousin and I went over to the prude side to take a few pictures by the Hedonism sign before going back over to the nude side. Ganja smoking is totally okay on the beach area as well. We found a spot and laid it out for some naked sunbathing. After a while, we stumbled on two Haitian men, one dark chocolate and the other caramel. Bodies to die for, and long thick dicks to match. This was great because most of the individuals on the resort were seasoned in age. There were mostly white folks on the resort, not many blacks all, so to find a couple of black men that could relate to our interest was awesome. We drank rum punch (LOTS AND LOTS of RUM PUNCH lol), rum punches hit in Jamaica, I'm not sure what they put in that shit but it's good and strong. We hung out in the water with the fine-ass Haitian men, then moved to the pools where shit was going down.

Over by the pool tiki area, they are playing nude pool games like bingo and other things. People are fucking in the pool, in the Jacuzzi, in the Playrooms ext. Everything is open to the naked eye, and no one is telling you to stop anything. As long as the act is totally consensual you have full range to do whatever you want to do in these areas. The Haitians were getting frisky and started licking tits, and clit (I won't disclose whose they were licking lol). A white older gentleman offered for all of us to come back to his room for a big orgy (I guess) lol. The rooms are sexy! They have mirrors on the ceiling and walls. Sexy decals on the walls as well, and sexy bathrooms. Jacuzzi tubs on the balcony of every residence as well. We went to his room and he started fucking his 25-year-old girlfriend, he had to be about 70. Haitians started fucking and sucking in the Jacuzzi, and it was a full-on orgy. I had never seen anything like it in person before. So sexxxxxxy! Definitely a first for me.

After ending the orgy party, my cousin and I left and checked out

Before leaving I checked out their gift shop to see if I could find a unique artifact to take back home but they had lots of sex toys that I already have. My overall experience of hedonism was a A++++++++++++ loved it, highly recommend it, and I'll be back on a girls trip very very soon!

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