I think I’m a size Queen 👑

For the longest I didn't want to admit it because I felt as though it would create shame for those that aren't huge. I'm not in the shaming business, I really want everyone to feel adequate in regard to their penis size. That's so important. At the same time I have to be true to me and my personal preferences. My husband is a nice size and before marrying him and becoming somewhat monogamous I remember ditching guys if their penis was below the average mark. It really comes down to wanting my pussy to feel full. Not only that, it's so fucking sexy to look at. Before realizing I'm a size queen I also have only ever been attracted to black men. Well, just the other day at my massage practice this Christian Grey-looking man arrives at my door. Looking dapper in his work 💼 get up. I still didn't think anything of it, remember I'm typically not attracted to white men. He gets on my table and I massage his back side, I always start on the backside. It’s more fun because I get a nice surprise when I flip my male clients over. When I flipped him over, baby, that thang was laying down this mother fuckers leg. 😍😍 Ooo lord have mercy my pussy jumped because I’d never seen a white man with such a gorgeous cock. It even had a brown tint to it like he tans it or something. I instantly felt something ignite inside of me. Like this horny goddess emerged just from the size and look of this mans penis. In that moment I realized my attraction to men has absolutely nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with penis size. 😝

I turned into the love goddess and I started sliding my oiled up body up and down against his. Rubbing my hard ass nipples up and down his torso then shaft. So I said all of this to say, if you’re big down there I might go crazy on the inside. It’s something about that big dick energy that drives me fucking wild.

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