Miami Trip 2022 & Trapeze Swingers Club Overview!

I had the pleasure of going on my first mommy-daughter trip, and boy was it so much fun!

My child is only 9 months so I definitely thought it would be a lot harder than it was. But everything was smooth sailing. We got to play in the pool together, and eat some great food. A little too windy this trip for the beach, so unfortunately we will have to do that next time. However, the highlight of my trip was definitely checking out Trapeze!!!! Trapeze is the number one swingers club in the world. They are located in Atlanta, Ga., and Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I went to the one in ATL with my husband in 2020 right in the midst of the pandemic. You would have thought no one knew a plague was going on because they were in close proximity, fucking fucking! lol, it was a movie! My husband and I didn’t get a chance to play with another couple but we did fuck each other in front of a group of people in the playrooms. I’ve been wanting to check out the Florida location for a while, so I decided to go on this trip, alone! I hired a sitter and went Friday night from 10-3 am. I’ll give an overview from a “single” lady's perspective.

Friday night is singles night, so single men and women get to come. You have to have a membership as well as pay a nightly fee to get in. The membership is $50 and then the nightly fees range depending on your relationship status. Single women, $40 - Single men - $110 and couples $75. They always charge single men more because they are by themselves and quite frankly horny animals. Lol, They are pushy, and stroking their cocks looking at you like hot meat. So I paid $90 to get in. Once you enter, you see two bars and a dance floor. The music is geared towards techno. Trapeze is BYOB so they put a number on your bottle, and wristband and put your bottle behind the bar. Whenever you want a glass of whatever you brought you

go up to the bar, show your wristband number and they’ll pour it for you. You must BYOB they don’t have liquor for sale otherwise. I brought a bottle of Cabernet. Once sitting at the bar a cute little Dominican man approached me. He started a conversation and sorta clung to me for the next hour or so. I was alone so I enjoyed the conversation but I could soon tell he was trying to make me his woman for the night. I let him know I came alone for a reason and wanted my space to do me.

So once the drinks start flowing and your inhibitions lower you go in the back. The back is where all the action goes down. You must be unclothed in the back, so they assign you a locker to place your things and give you a towel to wrap around you. Once you’re in the back they have a singles side and a couples side. Single men are not allowed on the couple's side, but single women can go wherever they like. So you can imagine how the singles side looked lol, a lot of men stroking their dicks waiting to catch some prey. The couple's side was lit. People fucking everywhere! They have these couch-like beds, where people could lay back and do their thing. They also had private rooms where folk could go if they didn't want to fuck out in the open. A couple of the rooms had see-through glass if you wished to be watched from the outside.

I was approached by many couples In the back. Saying I wasn’t into women became a constant thing. One couple told me to just watch them and if I wanted to join in I could, but I declined lol. A Cuban/Dominican man approached me, and I obliged. We went into a private room, and I had the time of my life. I won't get too deep in detail, but just know I was finally able to fulfill my fantasies of two men at once. 😂

That experience was one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had. It’s something about two men worshipping your body that is next-level shit. I’d seen it in porn often, and I’ve wanted to try it forever, the opportunity just never presented itself. I saw a white lady getting dicked down by a BBC, and each time he came out of her she squirted. Maybe squirted at least 10-15 times. My first time seeing a pornstar level of ejaculation in person. I absolutely loved how couples were swapping so freely and no one was jealous or inhibited when it came to anything!

An older Haitian guy I had been talking to offered to take me back to the hotel which was 45min away (I love how everyone is of a different nationality in Florida - I’m from a small town where you typically see either black or white). On the ride there he told me a lot about his experience being in the lifestyle. Often times when you have mind-blowing sex, you tend to start catching feelings for an individual. But not in the lifestyle! He said, ”It’s only for the FUCK of it!“ I loved that because I know so many people that can’t get past their feelings when it comes to their partners fucking other people or even folks catching feelings for the people they’re fucking. It becomes a mindfuck if you think about it in that way.

I went back the next night which was couples night. Couples night was a different vibe. Folks were not playing like the night before. I got the vibe that people were less likely to approach other couples because they were with their partners. I could have set Saturday night out. A couple did approach me, but the wife wanted me to eat her pussy, which I don't do. So she didn't want to share her husband because of that. I did see a couple people enjoying time together which is always fun to watch. I think it's important, to be honest with your partner! If you want to be in this lifestyle why go to a swingers club if you're going to be too inhibited to really be yourself and do you!

I can't wait to go back with my husband to see how our dynamic will be. We too our new to the lifestyle and the ability to be brutally honest with one another but we are getting there. So all in all I loved Trapeze and the experience of going alone. I'll definitely be back for the FUCK of it all, really soon.

If you have any specific questions about my experience put them in the comments and I'll respond.

Oh, and FYI Mom's can be freak bitches too. Don't lose yourself in motherhood!

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