No more Sacred Baths! 😤

I hate to say it but there will be no more sacred baths at the Tadow Sensuality South Side Studio. Why do you ask?

Well, I had a pretty traumatizing experience yesterday. My tub was backed up due to the heavy rain, and I couldn’t perform the sacred bath before the massage as the client booked. I forgot to notify the client, but once they got there they still agreed to do the 2-hour session. As soon as I walk into the room I see the bottom of their feet were BLACK. Now mind you, when I do my consultation calls I let every client know to come bathed 🧼 to the session regardless if they‘re getting a sacred bath or not. My job during the bath is not to clean your body. While that is a part of it, the main purpose is to get your body to a state of relaxation and calm. Not to clean DIRT from

the bottom of your feet. Furthermore, you do yourself a disservice by coming to me dirty because I WILL NOT do a good job, I can guarantee it.

Oh, but it gets worse.

So I decided to still do the massage with the dirty feet, I just told myself I wouldn’t get anywhere near them. I start my massages up by the neck. While massaging the neck I started to smell a stench coming from their hair. Typically during a tantric massage, I use my WHOLE body at one point or another. I use my hands, forearm, belly, breast, feet, legs, ext. So, at this point, I decided I’d be using my hands ONLY on this client, and I wouldn’t be touching their hair. But now energy is taking over, my body started getting extremely hot and clammy. The energy was telling me something I couldn't see or recognize in the physical. My adrenaline started rushing so bad I couldn’t take it anymore and I called it quits. I told the client they needed to leave due to an emergency.

When they got up to leave, POOP was left on my massage sheets. 😭😭🤯 Yes, fecal matter, a brown streak, boo-boo, whatever it is you call it was on my sheets! I couldn’t fucking believe it. Spirit knew something was off about this person, and it told me through energy! When they got up to go it verified what spirit was trying to tell me. I usually like to massage very closely to the crack of a client's ass, as I massage the WHOLE body. Can you imagine me getting close and getting shit on my hands?!

So, you mean to tell me you were coming to my studio with the intent of having a sacred bath where I would legit clean shit out of your ass? Yea, this individual fucked that up for everyone! No more sacred baths. I ask that you come to me clean for a reason. I am very intentional about worshiping the WHOLE body, and if at any point I smell you, or energy tells me something is off, you have to go! Not only that you will be blocked from my site and never welcomed back. I take my practice very seriously and the least you can do as a valued client is come to me with your hygiene and energy in order.

Needless to say, I threw the sheets away and sprayed down the table with bleach. This is a lesson for me and you, to always, always listen to that intuition, that gut instinct will NEVER steer you wrong. 😭😤😶‍🌫️

Tell me how you would have handled them in the comments!

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